2022 Prom Dress Trends
We’re all familiar with High Schools special night, Prom! This time of year all the young women are looking for the right dress to wear and make unforgettable memories.  The big question is, What dress should I wear? No worries we’re here to help!
Here are the Top 5 Prom Dress Trends for 2022
  • Metallic - 90’s inspired, one of the biggest trends at the moment is the Metallic look, which can be applied to shoes and accessories. Don’t forget to add a hint of color.
  • Neutrals - for example the color White, Off-White, and Blush.  These colors show up constantly on the red carpet.
  • Floral - Maybe one of the most favorite prom trends of all is floral dresses.  For example the traditional floral print, or the gold lace design.
  • Two-Piece - these types of dresses work really well with petite figures since the skirts can be adjusted fairly easily.
  • Original - sometimes the opposite of a trend actually is the trend.  All about simplicity, great lines, and solid colors! Usually Green/Blue which will look great with any skin tone.
Men Prom Suit Advice
You can find a great selection of suits at any Macy’s! The best thing is these suits sometimes cost you less than a rental suit! 
What are your prom favorites?

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