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2022 Prom, Wedding, and Special Occasion Dress Trends

According to dress designers and manufacturers, 2022 will be a year of romantic formal dresses for proms, weddings, and special occasions. These elegant dresses are perfect for all ages and body types and are available in a wide array of rich colors.

Here are some of the formal dress trends that you will see in 2022.

Asymmetrical Dress Designs

A trend that many top fashion designers are showing on current fashion runways is asymmetrical dress designs. These designs create a striking silhouette and are a great way to bring attention to different parts of the body.

High-Low Hemlines

One way to create an asymmetrical dress design is to vary the length of the dress hemline as it drapes around the body. This look is created with single or multiple layers of fabric that hang from the bodice or waistline. This look can also be created with separate dress components worn together. High-low hemlines are an effective way to highlight the legs, shoes, or boots of the wearer.

Asymmetrical Necklines

Dresses with asymmetrical necklines look different on either side of the center front of the dress. A designer can create this look by cutting each side of a dress differently or cutting the sides the same, but folding down one side while fastening the other side over a shoulder. Asymmetrical necklines are a great way to bring attention to the neck and shoulders.

Multi-Layered Designs

Designers are also using multiple layers of fabric to create romantic dress designs in 2022. The layered fabrics allow a designer to incorporate more asymmetrical dress designs into a dress collection.

These multi-layered dress designs can be feathered over one another and paired with trains, detachable overskirts, blazers, and short or long capes. These additions complement and complete a dress design.

Color Trends

Industry experts predict that formal dress designs in the last part of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 will step away from the pastels and bright colors of the recent past and get into a richer, deeper, and more saturated color palette. Here are some of the trending colors that will be featured.

  • Royal purple. Designers can use any shade of the color purple alone or in combination to create a rich tapestry. These hues are calm, peaceful, and inspiring.
  • Cerulean blue. This is a deep blue with a touch of green in the undertones. It is lighter than navy blue and darker than powder blue.
  • Sage green. This color is a combination of the natural grey and green found in wild sage. This color can be worn in different shades to create a completely coordinated effect.
  • Neo-mint green. This color is cool and soft and resembles young mint leaves on the vine. When worn from head to toe, it is natural and soothing.
  • Earth brown. This brown color is deep and rich and includes a small bit of rust red. This is a natural color found in the hills and rocks of wild places.   
  • Turmeric yellow. This rich hue is a pairing of deep gold with a touch of orange and is muted with a bit of sage green. It is the color of the sun as it sets in the west.
  • Rust red. This deep red is muted and dark and has the same look as rusted metal. Wear this color alone and in layers for a warm and harmonious look.
  • Neutrals such as black, white, and cool grey. Wear these three neutral colors alone or together when you want a subdued look for business or pleasure.

In 2022, when choosing a dress for a formal special occasion, select a comfortable dress design that fits your personality and the tone of the occasion. To find the perfect dress in the style and color that you want, check out The Dress Outlet online. We will make your special occasion one you will always remember.