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Top 5 Dos and Dont's for Mother of the Bride Dress Styles

Mother of the bride's do’s and don’ts are essential to a successful wedding. A mother of the bride must be well prepared for her daughter's big day. There are many things that she needs to know about, but there are also certain rules she should follow in order to avoid any awkward situations or mishaps on this very special day. This article will give you an overview of what you need to know as the mother of the bride so that your daughter has a perfect wedding with no worries whatsoever!

Dos: Make Sure Your Dress Is Properly Fitted

A perfect dress needs to be fitted for you. If it's not, the process can lead to unflattering proportions or unnecessary stress on your body that could have been avoided with some professional help from an expert tailor/seamstress! Make sure everything is clean and pressed - because these steps are just as important in ensuring a perfect fit. A beautiful gown deserves nothing less than pristine aesthetics; after all, this means one thing: no stains, no snags, and no wrinkles!

Be classy and elegant

Check out our Purple Mother of the Bride Dresses collection today. Mothers of the bride are often in charge of planning their daughter’s wedding, and they need to make sure that everything is perfect on this very special day. However, it can be difficult when you have such a large responsibility on your shoulders. One thing that mothers must take into consideration is how they dress for this occasion, as it will reflect not only themselves but also the bride-to-be. It is important that you are mindful of how your outfit affects those around you. Be sure to be modest, subtle, and classy.

Discuss your gown selection with the bride

The mother of the bride should discuss gown selection with the bride because it is important that she not only dress appropriately for this occasion but also reflect her daughter's desires. Mothers are more likely to remember dresses they loved in more recent years, so discussing gown selection would give the mother of the bride an idea of what styles are around now and what colors are popular. DO be mindful of how your outfit affects those around you, being modest will keep you from looking nosy or rude when asking questions while not overbearing yourself on people who don't want to answer them while dressing for this event.

Check the Wedding's New 

Check out our Champagne Mother of the Bride Dresses collection today. The mother of the bride should be aware of the wedding’s theme. This will help her to dress accordingly and appropriately. For example, if the wedding is a formal event that takes place at night then the mother of the bride's outfit should include an elegant dress or gown with matching shoes and accessories, such as earrings,. If the wedding is a casual affair, then the mother of the bride should wear more relaxed clothing like comfortable pants and flat shoes. It is important that mothers be aware of what type of wedding their daughter will be having as this will affect what they dress; it would not make sense to wear formal apparel for an informal wedding event.

Get in touch with the mother of the groom

This will not only allow for color coordination (or not) but also gives open lines of communication on details like styles and colors. A proactive approach will benefit you both so you can stay in harmony while discussing what style your daughter prefers while allowing for any final decisions before cocktail hour arrives! Tradition states that the mother of the bride chooses her attire first, which then influences what the mother of the groom will wear. This is a bit outdated, and this process does not have to be so formal. Just call the week before you go shopping and let her know what you're thinking in terms of colors and where you'll go shopping, giving her an informal go-ahead to do the same. Opening up the lines of communication will benefit both of your choices so that you can stay synchronized on details like color coordinating (or not) and picking fabrics.

Dont's: Avoid wearing white


White is the color of purity and virginity, but it can be associated with a bride. It is important that mothers not wear white to avoid taking attention away from the bride on her special day. Complementing the wedding's colors is important as well. The mother of the bride should choose flattering shades that coordinate with her daughter's dress to avoid any incorrect combinations. For example, if the wedding dress is white and pastel pink, then try pairing a soft blue or mint green dress with it to complement what will already be worn. It is important that mothers consider how their outfits will coordinate with the wedding dress before they make any final decisions.

Be careful not to over-accessorize.


A tasteful set of jewelry and a beautiful pair of comfortable wedding shoes will accentuate your dress. But don’t go overboard. Choose jewelry that complements the tone of your dress and your individual style. And make sure you can walk in those heels — it’s a long walk down the aisle and a long day on your feet. You want to be able to dance with your daughter at the reception!

Don't Blend with the Wedding Colors

Check out our Pink Mother of the Bride Dresses collection today. A mother of the bride does not want to wear the same color dress as one of the bridesmaids. That would be embarrassing. It would be even more embarrassing if the bridesmaids were wearing a similar shade — but not the same shade — as your dress. You may wear a color that goes well with the wedding colors so you can stand out, but not too much. For example, if the bridesmaids are wearing red dresses and your daughter is wearing white, you could still compliment her by wearing a pink dress.

Don't overlook your daughter's suggestions.

Don’t ignore your daughter’s requests when planning your wedding wardrobe. She will look to you for guidance, so be sure your choices are appropriate. If she requests that you wear a certain style of dress or suggest particular colors, hear her out and try to compromise so you’re both happy with the end result. It is important that the mother of the bride follow her daughter's requests when it comes to what she will wear on her wedding day. The daughter will be the one getting married, so she should have some say in what you wear. You want her to be happy with your dress, and have the time of her life.

Don't go searching for your gown too late.

Check out our Blue Mother of the Bride Dresses collection today. Ideally, you should begin your search for the mother of the bride gown six to eight months before the wedding date, taking into account any delivery time and tailoring needs. This will give you ample time to find the perfect dress, which you can then try on and look at in various lighting situations. By this point in time, the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses should be picked out as well so that you can coordinate accordingly. The mother of the bride has many decisions to make when it comes to what she will wear on her daughter's wedding day. White is an important color, but should be avoided at all costs—especially if you are wearing a white dress. Coordinate your outfit with other bridesmaids and avoid being too much in one shade by following colors that compliment each other or using similar shades that contrast well with your daughter’s wedding dress. The most important thing for mothers of the bride is not over-accessorizing, because this can distract from the overall look and feel of their dresses. Finally, don't wait until the last minute before shopping for your gown! It can be tempting as a mother to try and take over everything for her daughter, but ultimately you should let her shine on this day that she is meant to feel like a princess. If you want to buy your dress first, then let her select the color or style of the dress that she would like you to wear. For example, if she's having a white wedding, don't wear a white dress! Stay away from any color that will make you stand out too much because your daughter will look for guidance from you. You want her to have the time of her life on this special day. If you want an elegant and stylish Mother of the Bride dress, look no further than our collection here at The Dress Outlet. We have dresses in every color imaginable for all different body types!