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Best Picks for a Glamourous-Looking Winter Wedding Dress

Winter weddings will always have a magic of its own. The atmosphere is festive. You have decors, lights, and colors everywhere. Of course, there is also the winter chill. This makes it highly important for you to choose the winter wedding dresses that won’t only make you look fabulous, but also warm and comfortable on your special day.

Best Wedding Dresses for a Winter Nuptial

Ball Gowns

Ball gowns are known for their signature full skirts. They can be streamlined or shaped to produce a strong silhouette. These dresses can accommodate several embellishments, such as tiered truffles, tulle, or satin, or they may have cut-out necklines. They are also called princess dresses. They look great on anyone since the full skirt will match any body shape and size. They can be made of cotton, lace, silk, or satin, and can come with a lot of necklines.



Long Sleeves

Long-sleeved wedding gowns can make the bride modest from all angles. These gowns are as versatile as they are classic and elegant. They can give any bride the timeless look on her wedding day.

There are several options for a long-sleeved bridal gown. The high-necked and long-sleeved style is one. It looks great on any body type since it makes the waist look thinner. Another style is the V-neck and long-sleeved gown. The V-neck can make the bride look taller. It exudes a bit of boldness which is a perfect complement to the classic elegance of the long sleeves. The sexiest cut for a long-sleeved wedding dress is the open back. You can have some parts of the bodice look transparent. The open back makes the dress more comfortable for brides who think that the long sleeves would cause an uncomfortable feeling.

Multiple Layers

A wedding dress with a layered skirt will not only make you feel warm and comfortable during winter. It will also make you look like a queen who’s walking down the aisle to her throne.

There are different styles of wedding gowns with layered skirts. You can have the organza layers, with the skirt mimicking rose petals with organza ruffles. You may also have the Boho beauty wedding dress with a tiered skirt that comes with a strapless neckline top. You may also choose the soft, graduated tiers look from your tulle skirt that complements the sweetheart lace bodice.

Long Capes

A wedding gown with a long cape can make you look romantic and versatile. Wearing it gives you two looks, one with the cape and one without. You can wear it during the daytime or the evening. Capes are becoming a trend, especially for the coming year. Designers recommend a tulle or lace cape which will cover the shoulders to complete the bridal ensemble. Getting a cape for the bridal gown means you need not sacrifice style and fashion just to stay warm.


A winter wedding gown has to be comfortable and warm. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the type of fabric for this special wedding gown. You can choose the stretch jersey, velvet, or silk as the fabric of your bridal gown.

Stretch jersey is a knit textile that can be made from cotton plus a synthetic blend. It is highly insulating, flexible, stretchy, and warm. It’s good for a mermaid silhouette. Velvet is a rich and elegant fabric. It is a durable, soft pile, and heavy fabric. Silk is the most popular since it drapes gorgeously on the body and it can be worn in all seasons. It’s not only luxurious; it is also comfortable to wear.


Featured Collection

Plus Size Wedding Gown with Long Sleeves

This plus size wedding dress with its elegant long sleeves made of lace is a classic beauty. Its soft drape gives the bodice a luxurious flair. It is complemented by a sweetheart neckline still made of lace which gives off a sense of subtlety and boldness at the same time.


Simple Wedding Dress Bridal Long Gown

You may also pick this dainty floor-length wedding gown with a tiered skirt and spaghetti-strapped top and low back. Its bead embellishment on the waistline makes it regal. The tiered skirt is made of tulle which makes it comfortable and makes the wearer princess-like.

Long Plus Size Wedding Dress

If you like to go daring on your wedding day, you may choose these mermaid-style off-shoulder sleeves with a matching low back. Its lace applique bodice makes it super elegant paired with the skirt which is made of tulle. It also comes with a complimentary shawl to keep you warm in the evening.



Long Sleeve Full Lace Formal Wedding Dress

Look like Grace Kelly or Kate Middleton in this stunning full-lace long-sleeved wedding dress. It is delicately embellished with handmade beads and embroideries over the mesh. It exudes femininity, strength, elegance, and a hint of sexiness in its style.


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