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The Perfect Formal Makeup Guide

While the dress is very important for your next formal occasion, the makeup that goes with it is pretty important too. The makeup should compliment the outfit but not draw too much attention away from the beautiful dress. Here are some ideas to pull off a flawless makeup look that will look great with your dress and in pictures.


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While wearing a bold lipstick color may be fun, it’s essential to keep the color of the dress in mind. If you are wearing something bold (think bright yellows, vibrant blues, etc.), a nude lip color would look much nicer and not take away from the dress. Wearing something such as a bright red or pink would distract from your dress and not look as classy. However, if you are wearing more of a neutral dress (nude, black, white, etc.) a brighter lipstick color would look nice and add a pop of color.


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Eyeliner is a great way to make the eyes pop. A black-winged liner works well for almost all eye shapes and adds more of a dramatic look. However, if you are already wearing a lot of blacks or want to stay away from black, a bronze or gold colored eyeliner looks beautiful as well and gives you more of a glowy look.


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We know, bright manicures are fun. However, you don’t want your nails to distract from the dress. Stick to a nude color to achieve a clean and polished look. Or, possibly even a nail color to match the shoes.


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On a normal day, you may or may not use a primer to keep your makeup in place. For a special event, you should absolutely use it. Face primer will keep your foundation from moving around or sweating off of your face. That way, you won’t have to worry about your makeup looking sloppy in pictures. Also, eye shadow primer is a great option to keep your eye makeup looking fresh.


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Bronzer is a fantastic way to sculpt and add dimension to the face. Contouring is fun and easy to do. But, make sure it is fully blended out to get rid of harsh lines. Those lines won’t look nice in pictures, but if they’re blended out they'll look amazing!


Make sure to keep these tips in mind while you do your makeup for your next event! If you use any of these, make sure to post a picture of your finished look on Instagram and tag us @thedressoutlet.


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