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Homecoming 2022 Hairstyles

Homecoming 2022 is coming out and without a doubt, you’ve most likely started looking for your homecoming dress. Maybe you’re looking for a two piece dress, an off the shoulder dress, or maybe even a long homecoming dress! The possibilities are endless. Based on the type of dress you choose, here is some hair inspiration.

Short Homecoming Dress

Since your dress is short, there isn’t too terribly much going on and you now have a lot of power to do what you want with your hair. Wearing your hair down instead of up is a great option for a short dress because it'll add something more to the look. Maybe try out some big curls with your dress!

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Soft Satin Long Sleeve Formal Dress


Long Homecoming Dress

Since your dress is long, you have a lot going on already and don’t want your hair to be the center of attention. With your long dress, go for your hair up or partially up. This will add a more sophisticated element to your look and your hair will be out of your face for the night!

Strapless Sexy Sequins Long Prom Dress

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Spaghetti Strap Long Lace Wedding Dress


Off The Shoulder Homecoming Dress

Since your dress is off the shoulder, you have the option of leaving your hair down and styling it so that there is something on the shoulder area or putting it up so that everyone can visibly see your beautiful off the shoulder dress. You can’t go wrong with either since your dress is so trendy.

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Two Piece Homecoming Dress

With a two piece dress, your hair would look awesome up! Try a sleek ponytail or a bun. If you’re not a fan of putting your hair up, opt for a slicked-back style. This is very popular right now on runways and you’ll look like a model!

Terani Couture Two Prom Long Dress 1811P5737

Hopefully, this has been helpful to you in picking out your hairstyle to match your Homecoming 2022 dress. Be sure to check out @thedressoutlet on Instagram for more dress inspiration!

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