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How To Find Your Dress Shape for Homecoming 2022

With Homecoming 2022 coming up and endless Homecoming dress options, it’s important while shopping to select a dress that will fit your body type best because that will look the best on. Whether you’re going for a short Homecoming dress or a long Homecoming dress, here are some important tips to keep in mind.

1. Define your body type

Shapes are helpful when you're shopping for clothes, but they're not always helpful when it comes to picking out which dress you want to wear to homecoming. Your only chance at picking a dress that will look great is if you take the time to figure out your own body shape. The first thing you've got to do is figure out your body type, so you know where to focus your search. To get started, think about your measurements and what feels comfortable for your body. 

2. Stay positive

Some girls look at the term "body type" as a negative thing. It's not! The body you have is unique and should be celebrated. If you're going to spend all of this time, money, and energy on your dress, you should make sure it fits your body well. The best way to do that is to take the time to find out what your body shape is, or at least narrow it down to a few options.

3. Take your time

The first thing you have to do is take a good look in the mirror. Don't lie to yourself: If you say you have an hourglass shape but your waist is really just barely smaller than your hips, you're not fooling anyone. The key to finding the right dress for a particular shape is, to be honest with yourself about what kind of body you have. Once you see that, the rest of the process will follow.

After determining which category your body fits into, make sure to keep an eye out for things that will emphasize your curves and reduce the size of any parts that aren't as flattering as they could be.

4. Choose the right style

Style is one of the most important elements when shopping for a dress. It's also the easiest to get wrong. Not every dress is going to be flattering on every body type, so if you don't have a strong sense of your body type, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of shopping and buy something that doesn't really work for you.

When picking out the perfect style, first think about whether you want to go for fun and flirty or sophisticated and elegant. A big part of this decision will be based on your body type—a petite girl may feel more comfortable with a dress that has more movement in the skirt (and maybe even sleeves) while a tall girl may want to keep things basic with little fussiness in her look.

The best styles for different body shapes:

  • Petite

If you are petite, a long dress may be a little overwhelming on your small frame. Go for a short Homecoming dress or even a short two piece dress. By doing this, you will be showing some leg which will add height instead of take away.

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  • Slender

If you are more on the slim or slender side, something that hugs the waist is a great option. If you are going for a long dress, try something with a slit to add some dimension. Or, a shorter dress with a cutout would be an amazing way to make your look more interesting while keeping it on-trend.

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  • Triangle

If you have a triangle body shape, you have a thin waist with a smaller upper body while your hips and thighs stand out a little more. With this type of body, a Homecoming dress that is tight on top and then flares at the bottom will look fantastic on you. You have so many options and will look great in any that you choose.

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  • Hourglass

With an hourglass figure, since you have a well defined waist, you should definitely show it off. Opt for a more fitted dress that will hug your curves. A two piece Homecoming dress would also fit your body type wonderfully if you want something not as tight. 

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  • Athletic

If you have an athletic shape, you most likely aren’t super curvy and your weight is evenly distributed. Although you could pull off most Homecoming dresses, go for something with a cool cutout to add some detail. Cutouts are a great way to make a look so much trendier and more exciting.

With that said, hopefully, you will have an easier time picking a Homecoming 2022 dress that will look perfect on your body type. Dress shapes are important, as you of course want to wear what will look the best and most flattering. Be sure to check out our Homecoming new arrivals and follow @thedressoutlet on Instagram for some dress inspiration.

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