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How To Save Money On Homecoming

The average high school in America goes from grade 9 to grade 12. That means the average student has the opportunity to go to four homecoming dances! Although that may be exciting, it can also be costly. Here are some tips to save a few dollars while still having an amazing time.

1. Pick your dress wisely
You may have been scrolling through Instagram and landed on a beautiful designer dress. You love the dress but it happens to cost $300. It may sound like a good investment at the time, but for a dress, you most likely will only wear once or twice, this is a good area to save. There are plenty of beautiful affordable dresses and by saving money here you now have a little extra to spend on shoes or accessories to match the dress. Online shopping is a great way to find the best deals!

2. Don’t pay to get your makeup done
In this day and age, the beauty community on Youtube is massive and there are endless amounts of tutorials. Take some time a few days before the dance to browse through Youtube, find some makeup looks you like, then practice. If you still can’t get it looking like a professional would ask a friend who is good at makeup to do yours for you. Nobody will be able to tell that you didn’t pay to get it done, plus it’ll be more fun getting ready with friends! Or, if it comes down to it, makeup counters in stores such as Sephora will do it for free. They assume you’ll buy something, but buying lipstick is cheaper than having to pay for the entire thing.

3. Skip the party bus
In some places, it is common to rent a party bus or a limo to ride to the dance in. The main purpose of this is to get to spend time with your friends before you get there and to all get to go together. This sounds like a fun idea, but chances are the dance is close to home and the bus or limo is still very expensive. Instead, opt to carpool with your friends to the dance and grab dinner as a group before. You’ll still have an amazing time and get to spend time together which was the whole point.

4. Shoes
For a girl, shoes are a very important part of the outfit. Although the newest Channel heels may be cute, there are plenty of unique and gorgeous shoes at a price that won’t break the bank. Once again, the internet is always a great place to start looking. If there isn’t anything you love, stores at the mall meant for juniors most of the time have shoes inexpensively. Save on the heels considering you most likely won’t get a ton of use out of them or you may end up eventually taking them off at the dance if your feet hurt!

Hopefully, some of these tips will help you have a great night without breaking your wallet. Most importantly, have a great time! Check out @thedressoutlet on Instagram for more tips as Homecoming gets closer and stay up to date with our Facebook as well.


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