How to Take the Best Homecoming 2017 Pictures

With Homecoming 2017 coming up, you still have a lot to do! You have to pick your Homecoming dress, decide on your makeup look, and pick the perfect shoes and accessories to complete your outfit. You have so many options to choose from! Will you go with a two piece Homecoming dress? An off the shoulder Homecoming dress? Such a hard decision. During all the chaos, you may have forgotten all about taking pictures! Since you and all your friends are putting so much effort into your look, you definitely will want to take some amazing pictures. Here are some tips to make sure the photos all turn out looking great.


While taking a picture, make sure you aren’t shooting your camera straight into the sun. This will make the subjects in the photo hard to see and the lighting will be unfixable. Try to shoot away from the sun. Taking pictures around sunset time will also make the lighting not as harsh.


 Although a good highlight is important, make sure your entire face isn’t highlighted! For the parts of your face you’d like to keep less shiny, finish off your makeup look with a matte powder. This will keep the glow only where you want it and keep you from looking oily.


 A professional photographer is definitely unnecessary. However, make sure someone comes along to take the pictures that is not going to the event or someone will always have to be left out of the photo. Surely you want a complete group photo!


Before you go to take pictures, try to come up with a couple poses you definitely want to do. That way, you won’t miss out on the perfect shot or just end up with a bunch of awkward photos because nobody could decide what to do.

Have fun

 Keep in mind that not every photograph has to be serious! Capture some candids with your friends too. These will be more realistic and help you remember how the night really was. Although getting a couple serious photos is good, these will be just as good of a memory.

With that said, your Homecoming 2017 will be a night to remember! Have a blast and take a ton of pictures to remember it. If you are wearing a Homecoming dress from The Dress Outlet, be sure to tag us in your photos on Instagram @thedressoutlet for a chance to be featured!

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