Top 10 Long Homecoming Dresses


It's no secret that long Homecoming dresses aren't quite as popular as short Homecoming dresses. Want to make a statement this year? Choose a long Homecoming dress instead! You'll look gorgeous and everyone won't be able to get enough of your dress. Start a trend. Here are some of our favorite long Homecoming dresses!


This long blue dress is so stunning. The slit gives you a bit of leg as a short dress would, but the length adds so much to the look. The sequined top is beautiful and you'll look and feel amazing in this dress. This long Homecoming dress will be your favorite dress you own.

long blue dress




Go big or go home! This jaw dropping two piece champagne dress is bound to turn some heads. This dress is so elegant and in style. This dress is basic enough that you can choose to pair it with a bold lip, or just a nude lip and either option will look great.

two piece champagne dress

This plus size long Homecoming dress is one of the prettiest dresses ever. The color is complimentary for all skin and hair tones. This elegant dress fits beautifully and you'll feel spectacular in it. Put your hair up to show off the silver detailing!

plus size long Homecoming dress

This black and silver dress is such a great option. It's simple enough yet still glamorous. This is a great option for all the tall ladies out there! This will show off your figure while keeping your outfit still school appropriate. You can't go wrong.

plus size long Homecoming dress


After seeing these beautiful dresses, be sure to keep an eye out for long Homecoming dresses while you're shopping this year. You absolutely can't go wrong with any of these beautiful dresses. Tag us in photos on instagram @thedressoutlet of your Homecoming dress!


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