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The best mother of the bride dresses for all shapes and sizes

To have the perfect mother of the bride dress, you have to let the bride be your guide. The bride will give cues about the color, style, and level of formality. It’s important for the dress to complement the bridal gown and not overshadow it.
The mother of the bride dress should also be fitting for the wedding venue. That’s why it’s crucial to communicate with the bride before you decide on the dress to wear.
Here are some clues to help you choose the best dress for the mother of the bride:

Formal Cape Gown mother of the bride dresses

This elegant mother of the bride long dress features sleeveless. A stunning waist dress with imperial neckline and attached cape adds a little extra flair to the look. Perfect for formal, evening parties or any special occasion.

Mothers would look gorgeous with a formal cape gown dress when they have the pear, apple, or diamond, rectangular and straight, inverted triangle, and hourglass shapes. The strapless style will accentuate their shape including those of plus size women.

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Long sleeved mother of the bride dresses

In more conservative venues, long-sleeved mother of the bride dresses would make the best option. This style would cover your arms all the way. There are also those with sleeves that are three-fourths in length for the less formal setting, but they can actually be worn in all possible venues, especially in a cold climate.

It doesn’t matter if the dress is midi, mini, or floor-length, the long-sleeved dress would always exude an unsurpassed air of elegance. This is great for full-bodied mothers who don’t want to flaunt their arms or don’t want to feel too cold throughout the whole occasion.

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Spaghetti strap mother of the bride dresses

The spaghetti strap mother of the bride dress is for those who like to be fashionable and are still shapely at their age. This is often worn with a jacket to keep warm even in chilly weather. The spaghetti strap dress and jacket combo are also great for plus size women.

With a spaghetti strap dress, moms of varying sizes and shapes can play around with colors, patterns, and silhouettes. They can also pair it with a shawl that will suit and highlight the color of the dress.

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Beaded mother of the bride dresses

Beaded mother of the bride dresses seems to be the most popular option. They are the usual choice for those who like to look uniquely elegant. However, it can be tricky to come up with the right balance between beads and sequins. Mothers may choose the hand-beaded bodices that go with satin skirts, or they may go for the full-length beaded dresses that come in metallic shades. Ample beads and sequins can go well with a natural floor-length dress for plus size mothers.

Off shoulder mother of the bride dresses

Off shoulder dresses for mothers of the bride are trendy but they do have the staying power. Both celebrities and common folks have worn this style. You may choose from different sleeve placements for this dress type. Some are romantic as they fall off down the arm while others barely graze the shoulders.

These are great for flattering the shape of plus size mothers. The off-shoulder sleeve style can also be paired with various gown shapes such as A-line, mermaid, or sheath silhouettes.

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Which dress shape best suits your body type?



It’s the best pick for those who are triangle shaped. It’s a popular choice among mothers of brides. It can make the wearer look taller and slimmer which makes it great for full-bodied women.


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Ball Gown

ball gown

Moms with the pear shape would look great in this style. Fabric layers below the waistline can conceal huge hips. It’s best when it’s made of tulle. This is great for the athletic type of body.


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This style is the best cut for someone with a tall and slim figure. It can also make petite women look a few inches taller.


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Tea Length

tea length

It’s perfect for the apple-shaped mother of the bride. It puts emphasis on the waistline and flaunts the calves. However, it’s recommended that petite women avoid this dress style as it can make your legs appear shorter.


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