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Mother of the Bride: Fall Dresses

Are you the Mother of the Bride (or groom?)? If you need a Mother of the Bride dress for this upcoming Fall season, we got you covered. It can be hard picking a dress for Fall events due to the fact that the weather is unpredictable. With these dresses, you'll be just right.

This purple dress is an amazing choice! This shade of purple is the perfect color for Fall and won't be distracting at a wedding. If it's too hot out, the jacket can be removed and the dress will still look great on its own. If it's cold, keep the jacket or opt for a shawl instead.

This dress is a wonderful choice because if it's cold, you can throw some tights on underneath and nobody will see them due to the fact that the dress is long. If it's hot, the dress is airy enough that you won't overheat. This color is perfect for Fall!

This dress is beautiful! You can wear it as it is, throw on a faux fur jacket, a shawl, or anything you prefer to warm it up and accessorize. The neutral color gives you an infinite amount of options.

Last but certainly not least, this dress is especially nice because it comes with a long sleeve light jacket. This jacket can be substituted for anything if the weather is poor, but it should keep you just cool enough in regular conditions.

Have fun at the wedding! Take a ton of photos because you will want to remember this occasion forever.

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