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Mother's Day


How to Celebrate Mother’s Day during the Covid 19 Quarantine


Mother’s Day in some parts of the world and in the United States is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. This day is celebrated to honor the mothers, maternal bonds, and motherhood. If we compare a mother’s love with any other love in this world it would always win because a mother’s love is incomparable and not demanding.


When is mother's day?

This year Mother’s Day is going to be celebrated on May 8, 2022.

But due to social distancing and lockdown, many people can’t meet their mothers and they are totally devastated by the idea of not seeing their moms this year. To reduce your grief, we have gathered 5 ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day during quarantine.

1. Send flowers:

Women love flowers and bring so much delight to their faces so why not send them. You can buy or cut flowers from your own yard and put them on your doorstep, get in the car and call her to get them, you both will become happy to see each other. If your area is in complete lockdown, you can ask someone to deliver flowers to her house with your name and if your mom lives with you then cut some flowers from your own yard and write a big note for her and surprise her with it.

2. Homemade gift:

A simple cute card with a note, or photos of her with you with silly captions would surely melt her heart. You can be creative by making her something which would be useful in her kitchen or drawers. Like you can make a jewelry box for her with your own hands. Any homemade gift made by you would make her happy.

3. Video Call:

It’s 2022 and the good news is you can see each other even if you are miles apart. Just schedule a time and call her on Skype or WhatsApp video, but be prepared before calling her. It’s her day and you to make it special by making silly jokes or talking about the things she likes the most. Mom always wants time and love from their children so don’t think it won’t make her happy.

4. Make a sweet video for her:

You can make your mom sweet videos by praising her and how much she has done for you. You can attach all the moments you have spent with her or the moments you have made her proud. Be creative, you know really well what makes her the happiest.

5. Cook for her:

You can’t even count how many times your mom has cooked food for you so why not on this Mother’s Day you should be the one cooking. Bake a cake for her, it is easy but if you are not good at baking then you can watch those recipes on YouTube which don’t involve baking. If she doesn’t like sweet food, then you can make her favorite dish as well.


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