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Choosing the Best Neckline and Strap Design for Plus Size Gowns

Picking the Perfect Plus Size Gown by the Neck Line and Strap Design
19th February 2022


Being plus sized brings hundreds of known problems, especially when it comes to dressing up. (Not stylish enough, not diverse, affordability, and not many options being a few of them). We've come up with three areas of style you should look at when picking the perfect plus size gown.

Beautiful. Curvy. Plus Size.

Take a look at some of the most current styles in Plus Size Formal Dresses. The Dress Outlet provides hundreds of stylish options designed specifically for the plus size woman! Here is a take on some of our trendiest plus size dress styles. 

Sleek and Body Forming by Faviana

Ever wanted to wear a beautiful dress but felt like it just didn't hug you in the right way? The key is to choose dresses that have accentuated characteristics in the neckline and high torso fit. It provides a more "revealing" look while giving your body the right fit without that tight feeling. Now you can actually breathe! Check out our new sleek long plus size formal dress by Faviana.

Sassy + Classy by Faviana

Being a curvy girl doesn't mean that you have to only wear boring fully covered dresses! If you want to spice things up in your wardrobe for a formal evening event, focus on the neckline! You can make your dress POP by choosing a more modern and unique neckline and strap design. This dress by Faviana will keep you stylish and beautiful for any event. Keep the sass without being trash!

Versatility and Sparkles by Faviana

Sometimes you just don't really want to show too much skin (for some of us curvy women, we may NEVER want to show a ton of skin) if this is you then we recommend looking for a dress that has a high neckline, and a central design that has a focal point from your mid-torso to your neckline. This can really provide a look that is stunning for any evening where you want to look your best. This dress by Faviana touches on all the formal points of a beautiful gown while keeping you modest enough to feel comfortable and beautiful at your upcoming event!

How you choose your dress is very important because looking beautiful is something that many women try desperately to achieve. We found that the perfect dress is a dress that communicates your personality and makes you feel amazing. We see thousands of dress orders a day and we figured we should show you some of the most beautiful pieces for curvy females. Don't just pick a dress because it's your size, and definitely do not pick a dress because you see other (often smaller women) wearing it. Pick a dress that communicates confidence, and adheres to basic principles of dress wear. Stay classy, never trashy, and always a tiny bit sassy.  😉

Dress Tip = Pick the perfect dress by looking at the style of the gown from the waist up. Does it fit well above the waist, and is your neckline design reflective of your personality? Does it make you feel beautiful? If the answer is YES then this is a perfect gown! Take a look below at a few of our Plus Size Neckline and Waist Styles. Click HERE to view more.

Pick your dress by choosing the perfect neck and strap line design.

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