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How to Perfect a Mother of the Bride Makeup

A wedding day will always be a special occasion to the bride. How she looks and what she wears will always be the center of everyone’s eyes.

You can’t take away the fact, however, that the mother of the bride will always come to a close second. As such, she also needs to look as lovely as her own daughter because this special day is just as important to her as it is to her precious child.

The makeup of the mother will highlight her best features and will make her look good with her chosen outfit. With that said, we have gathered some little tips on how to perfect a mother of the bride makeup for this special celebration.

A Mother Of The Bride Makeup

Match and Mirror the Bride

The mother of the bride shouldn’t outstand the bride. The best way to do this is by matching her make up with her daughter’s look. It doesn’t have to be an exact copy, but rather something that complements the look of the bride. The mother of the bride makeup should also make her look young, fresh, and beautiful. After all, she is the second most important lady for this big day.

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Trust Professional Makeup Artists

Professional makeup artists have years of experience and are seasoned in achieving different looks for their clients. If a mother wants to look her best and has little knowledge about makeup, professionals should be her go-to person.

A trial run can be done weeks ahead to test which appearance looks best for the mother of the bride. Makeup artists have the skills and knowledge to pick out the right shade for the foundation, highlight, eyeshadow, lip shade, and more.

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Care for Your Skin the Day Before

Preparing the skin for a day of wearing makeup is very important. As ladies get older, their skin changes along with their age. With all the cosmetics that are applied on the mother’s face, it is crucial for her to exfoliate and hydrate at least a day before the wedding.

Her face needs to get enough nutrients, so she can avoid any itches, rashes, or any other skin problems. Ideally, the mother should get a facial treatment. A day’s worth of preparation will benefit her skin a lot.

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Decide on a Good Hairstyle to Wear

What is a good makeup without a good hairstyle? The mother of the bride makeup looks best with the right to do. The makeup artist will surely have good suggestions for this. There is a lot of references online, as well, that the mother can find inspiration from. She can wear her hair up, add extensions, curl it, or completely wear it down.

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Observe Post-Wedding Skin Care

After the event, immediate skincare should be done. The mother of the bride should not be sleeping without removing the cosmetics she wore. There are makeup removers available in local groceries for easier removal. A rejuvenating facial mask, as well as a facial massage, will do good to the face the day after.

The makeup of the mother of the bride will always be a big deal on her daughter’s wedding day. She should look dashing just like her daughter. From the most beautiful mother of the bride dresses to the perfect hairstyles, the mother should have all these. The tips above will pave the way to achieving the perfect look for the mother of the bride, including her post-wedding appearance.


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