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Red: Your New Favorite Color

Red is without a doubt one of the boldest fashion choices you can make. Anything from a red heel, to red nails, to red lipstick adds a lot to an otherwise simple look. Stores are already starting to become flooded with red anything and everything in anticipation for the huge color trend that will be appearing this fall. Here are some ideas on how to style each red piece you may find or already have in your wardrobe.


Red Dress

Since your dress is already a statement piece, it’s important to tone it down a bit with the accessories. You can go for anything from a long red dress, a bodycon red dress, to even a two piece red dress. As far as shoes go, a nude or simple black or white shoe would look great and not take away from the dress. Try not to have your shoes and dress clash. Stay away from bright colors to avoid your shoes taking away from the dress. With jewelry, a statement necklace could be fun, but make sure it doesn’t distract too much from what you are wearing. Gold and red go hand in hand!


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Red Purse

A bold red purse is definitely going to make your outfit pop and keep you on trend for the Fall season! This can be worn with a black, white, or neutral dress or even just with some jeans and a casual top. Wearing red on red isn’t recommended, so avoid  using this while you’re wearing your favorite red dress.


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Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is timeless. This is one of the only occasions where wearing red on red isn’t such a bad look. If your dress is bright red, opt for a darker shade of red lipstick. You can even pair your lipstick with a casual look if you’d like. It matches almost every color clothing item and gives you a much more dramatic look.


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Red Top

Red tops have been everywhere lately. This is a great way to add a pop of color to an otherwise simple outfit. Try pairing your red top with a denim skirt or some white jeans. Everyone will love your outfit and you'll look amazing.


Next time you go to the mall or you’re shopping online, try out a new red piece! You’ll be getting ahead of the trend and by the time everyone is wearing red all the time this fall, you’ll be all set.


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