Sequin Dresses


For some people, when they think of sequin dresses they get excited because they love standing out. Other people are scared of the idea of a sequined dress because they like to avoid the attention. Although sequin dresses can be flashy, there are also plenty of dresses with sequins that aren't. Sequins add the perfect touch for your Homecoming dress, Prom dress, Party dress, or even Mother of the Bride dress. Here are a variety of sequin dresses. Pick your favorite!


1. For someone who generally stays away from sequins, this is a great option. It is a plain dress (in a gorgeous color i must add) with sequins around the neckline and arms. This is just enough to add elegance and detail to the dress without going overboard.


Sequin Dress


2. If you are already comfortable wearing sequins, this dress is the dream dress for you. Not only is it covered in dazzling sequins, but it is also a two piece dress. This dress is flattering, trendy, and you can't get much better than this. The design formed on the dress by the sequins is beautiful and everyone will be jealous of your dress all night long.

Two Piece Sequins Dress


3. This gown is definitely more lowkey than the rest. It appears to be a simple maroon gown with lace on top and a slit up the leg. However, concealed in the lace on top are some little sequins. The way these will reflect in the light will turn your average dress into a showstopper. This is a great way to incorporate some sparkle for you ladies scared of doing so.

Maroon Lace Gown


4. Are you going to Homecoming 2017? This is an amazing Homecoming dress choice! Since it is white, it gives off more of a dainty and elegant vibe. With a fuller skirt and a lace top, the sequin belt really ties it all together. This dress is beyond stunning and you'll look amazing in it.

Sequin Dress

5. Last but not least, this one is for all you Mother of the Brides. This dress is lacy, elegant, and otherwise simple. But, it has sequins around the neckline and sleeves adding that perfect touch to your whole look. You definitely won't steal the attention from the bride while still looking beautiful yourself. 

Mother of the Brides


Have fun trying out a sequin dress! We know you'll love it and look spectacular in it. Send us pictures on Instagram @thedressoutlet if you try this trend.


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