Strapless Dresses


August is here and school is quickly approaching. As school starts, your life will suddenly become a lot busier and school events will be happening constantly. Before you know it football season will start and then Homecoming will be here. This year, strapless dresses are making a huge comeback. This trend is so versatile and can be accessorized with shawls or scarves to add detail and cover up the shoulders if you wish to. Here are some reasons why strapless homecoming dresses are a must!


1. Jewelry

With a strapless dress, you have the ability to style it with a fun necklace. You can go with something delicate to add a girly touch or a big statement necklace to make it pop. Stay away from chokers because you will look cuter and trendier with something resting on your collarbone area.


2. Hair

You have the power to pull off almost any hairstyle! If you don’t like putting your hair up completely, try a half up half down hairstyle to get some of your hair off your shoulders to show off the strapless dress. If you would prefer, some loose curls would look stunning with your dress!


3. Cover Ups

Since you chose to bare your shoulders, you can accessorize your dress with a cute shawl or little jacket to make it unique and most importantly keep you a little warmer. This will ensure that nobody will be wearing the same thing as you and make your outfit stand out!


4. Multiple Uses

A strapless dress has so many different uses and options to choose from. You can throw on a fun chunky necklace and some sneakers for a casual look or put on a blazer and some nice heels for more of that business casual look. Nobody will even be able to tell that you are wearing the same dress.


5. Body Shape

No matter what body shape you have, a strapless dress is always flattering. You are beautiful no matter what you wear and this will show off your curves, waist, bust, legs, or whatever you may have to offer. Strapless dresses are so fashionable and a staple piece for everyone's closet.


With that said, hopefully you try on some strapless dresses while shopping this homecoming season. You absolutely can not go wrong. If you purchase a strapless dress, be sure to tag us in the photos on instagram @thedressoutlet


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