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The Best Dress for your Hair Color

Are you blonde? Maybe you're a brunette. Possibly you're even a ginger. Do you have blue hair? The possibilities are endless and so are the dresses you can choose. These are the best dresses to bring out your beautiful hair color.



Since your hair is light, if you are wearing a light colored dress it may get washed away in the fabric. Go for something a little more vibrant or black if you want to stick with neutral colors. Pinks and deep blues tend to look really nice with blonde hair. 




If you go with a dress that is too dark, your hair will get lost in the fabric which is the last thing you want. Go for a dress that is a little lighter in color. If you aren't into super light colors don't worry. You just need enough of a contrast.


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Since your hair is already so beautiful, wear something that will add to it instead of distract. Deep purples, burgundy, and greens really bring out your hair color and look super flattering. 


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Blue, Purple, anything Unnatural!

Dyed hair is a ton of fun. We don't blame you for going with blue. But, since your hair is a statement you don't want your dress to try to overpower that. Stick with more of a neutral color to keep your hair the center of attention.


With that said, hopefully, that was helpful and you'll keep those tips in mind while picking a dress for your next event.