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This or That: Homecoming Edition

Homecoming 2022 is coming up and it's time to pick that perfect Homecoming dress. You have so many options to choose from! Will you go for a long dress? How about a short dress? You could even go for a two piece dress. Once you've decided on what kind of dress you want, the color is an even harder decision. These dresses all come in multiple colors and here are the things we love about both of them!


This dress has got to be one of the best Homecoming dress options out there. It's a two piece, the top is lace, and the skirt is floral! This dress truly has it all. Now comes the hardest choice. The dress on the left is absolutely gorgeous in hunter green. The dark color keeps its tones down and gives you the ability to wear colorful shoes. However, the red is absolutely stunning and you'll be the center of attention all night long. Which would you choose?


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There's no denying these two dresses are equally elegant. The colors, the neckline, and everything about them are absolutely perfect. While picking which dress you want, keep in mind your skin tone and hair color! Both dresses will compliment you well regardless, but one may be a better fit. Take your pick!

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So we hear you decided to go in a long dress! Excellent choice. We can't get enough of these dresses. Go for the dark one for nighttime events and the light for daytime functions. You can't go wrong with either!


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Black or white? This is one of the hardest decisions ever. For this dress, keep in mind your hair color! If you plan on wearing your hair down, your dark hair may get lost in the black dress or your light hair may get lost in the white dress

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Did this make your decision any easier? It's okay, we get that it's still super difficult. Hopefully, you love some of these dresses and color choices. Keep these in mind for your upcoming events!


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