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Wedding Hair Styles

With your wedding coming up, you most likely have a million things to do and get ready. Maybe you even have your dress already. The next thing to think about is how you want to do your hair! Hair is an important part of the look because you'll be photographed all night long and want to keep it looking great. Keep in mind the neckline of your dress while deciding on your hair too!


Up Do

An up do is a great choice, especially for a dress with a higher neckline or just a lot of detailing on the top. You don't want to cover up the details of your dress with your hair! This is also very elegant and your hair will be out of the way. You can't go wrong.

Wedding Hair Style


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If your dress is strapless, you may want your hair on your shoulders so that there isn't so much empty space. Curled hair is always a pretty choice! Just keep in mind that if your hair looses curl easily you may want to use hairspray. If even hairspray doesn't hold, possibly you'd be willing to try extensions for a day!

Curled Hair Wedding Style


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Braids are a huge trend in the fashion industry right now. What used to be a simple braid is now elaborate and glamorous. Try a braid to get your hair out of your face but keep it interesting. 

Braided Hair Wedding Style


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Half Up Half Down

Half up and half down is a great way to get some hair out of your face. But, it still gives you the ability to style the rest of the hair however you'd like. This is a beautiful hairstyle and will look great on you.

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair Style


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