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What to Wear to a Wedding as a Guest: A Guide for Men

A wedding can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a bit stressful. You want to look your best and fit in with the wedding party, but you don't want to take away from their wedding day by being too flashy or getting it wrong. This article is here for you!

We'll cover everything from what color tie to wear (black) and how long your jacket should be (sleeves just below the elbow), all the way down to whether or not you need an undershirt (yes). And if that's not enough, we have even more tips on how to dress appropriately for every wedding type: From your suit to your wedding shoes to your wedding accessories, we have it covered.

The Suit

Black suits are the most common formal attire for men. It may be meant as a prom suit, a business suit, or a wedding guest suit. If you find black too typical, then you can also choose a dark gray or navy suit. When choosing a color for your suit, start with the wedding party; if you are at the wedding, wear whatever matches or complements their attire.

There are many different kinds and types of suits you could choose from, like tweed suits, 3 piece suits, seersucker suits, and even double breasted suits. All of these suits have their own uniqueness that would surely help you charm the crowd at the wedding event while not overshadowing the groom too much.

The Tie

If you are unsure what tie to wear, choose a black or gray tie that matches the color of your suit. This is one rule where it really pays off to have an understanding of wedding etiquette beforehand; don't risk ruining someone else's wedding by wearing green if everyone else is in blue.

Shoes and socks

Wedding shoes and socks are the only wedding attire where we recommend you go with more traditional options, such as patent leather dress shoes and silk-cashmere blend tuxedo socks.

For a classic look, use this combination when wearing black or gray formalwear for weddings. The perfect blend of texture and comfort that will last all night long.


For a formal wedding, patent leather oxfords or loafers are the best choices for men's wedding footwear; they look professional and will match almost any suit color. Comfort is key, here. You will be on your feet all day long and dancing the night away at a wedding reception; you don't want to end up with black-and-blue toes or blisters by the time it's over!


When it comes to wedding attire, men need an undershirt. This is not the same as a t-shirt; it is meant for layering and is usually thinner and lighter than your everyday t-shirt. Traditionally, undershirts are ribbed because ribbed shirts can stretch more and are, therefore, more comfortable. So if you want to wear an undershirt, do not use a t-shirt because they are too big, too stiff, and too thick to be comfortable underneath a dress shirt.


Belts are meant for wedding suits, not wedding tuxedos. If you wear a black or gray wedding suit to the wedding, don't wear a belt. These wedding tuxedos are too formal, and a belt wouldn't look very good with them. Just like wedding shoes, wedding belts should be made of patent leather; these will make you stand not out at the wedding party and wedding ceremony, but look good and feel comfortable.

Accessories (watch, cufflinks, etc.)

A wedding is a perfect time to add a touch of class and sophistication with wedding accessories such as cufflinks, watches, or even an elegant wedding tie bar. When choosing wedding accessories for your suit, choose items that complement each other in color and style.

So there you have it: a wedding guide for men. If this guide has helped you to get ready for a wedding, feel free to share it with your friends and family members who are attending the wedding too!