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Why White Dresses Are The Most Versatile

So you ordered a white dress for a Summer wedding, party, or any event you may have been invited to. Now with Fall coming up, white is no longer the popular color but you want to get some more use out of that dress. What do you do? You can accessorize your white summer dress to make it fit the season! Here are some of our favorite white dresses and what we would style them with.

With a dress like this, you're in luck! Although it is a bit summery, it would also work as a Homecoming dress. Put on some silver heels and red lipstick to make it more appropriate for a Fall event.

Maybe you wore a dress like this to an event this Summer and want to find another use for it since it's such a pretty dress. No problem! Throw on a colored shawl with this to make it a bit warmer and more appropriate for the season.

A simple dress like this has so many uses. Pair it with some colored heels and dark lipstick to complete the look. You can wear this all year long! If it's cold, you can throw on a faux fur coat with this to really dress it up.

The length of this dress is absolutely perfect! Throw a black blazer on and you have a business casual look you can wear all year long. Or, throw on a shawl or jacket and it can be a perfect dress for dinner, a Fall wedding, or even a party.

Next time you buy a white dress thinking you'll only get limited use out of it, think again! All of these dresses are such perfect choices for any time of the year.

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