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Shapewear for Prom 2022

It's becoming a staple in Hollywood A-List communities. Everyone is purchasing and trying out body shapers. These pieces of garments keep everything right and tight on a special night where you are wanting to suck it up, and thin out your look! 

Our body shapers can fit any figure from plus size and thin builds, we believe in working with your figure and your body to create the best possible look for your Prom 2022 night. 

Check out some of our body shaper accessories that can help enhance the glamour on your big night! 

Sexy Corset Body Shaper

Pair this shapewear with a JOVANI designer dress. Our JOVANI dress collection can range from sliming designs to large elegant traditional gowns. In both cases wearing our shapewear corset will help keep you feeling confident all night long! These shapewear pieces help enhance your curvature and beauty within your perfect gown. Details found here.

Corset Body Shaper


This traditional corset will help give you the stature and posture you want to fit into the perfect dress for Prom Night 2022. The modernized material provides breathability and comfortability as you dance your way across the dance floor! Fabric is breathable and non-itchy. Details found here.

Butt Lifter Body Shapewear

Whether you have a naturally curvy figure, or you need help creating one, butt lifting shapewear can lift, shape, and enhance your derriere in several ways. Check out open-bottom cuts to create a stunning new lift for the curves you already have. Perfect addition to your prom night attire. Details found here.

If you're looking to pair must-have accessories with your prom night 2022 dress we hope you consider shape lifting enhancements with these garments that help make you feel like a true beauty queen at Prom 2022.