Prom is the night where all young people get the time to enjoy their night to the fullest. Prom night is for everyone and everyone deserves to enjoy it. There is a misconception about prom that it is meant to be romantic night. This concept is influenced by movies, songs and series where they show young couples enjoying their time on prom and everyone is with their special person. This is such a wrong concept because prom is for everyone and not only for couples.

If you have a question in mind that “should I go to prom without a date or not”. Here is what we think you should do. So, first thing you need to consider is that whether you have a boyfriend or not? If yes and he is from same institute, then why not. If you both like each other and want to go to prom together then please go ahead and go with your date. You will have a fairy tale night. So, if you a have date then you can surely go to prom with him.

But what if you don’t? No worries, you can still enjoy your time with your friends. If you don’t have a date, then don’t worry you can still go with your friends. As we have mentioned before that prom is not only a romantic night and it totally depends upon you how can you enjoy it. If your friends are going with your date and you still don’t have anyone to go with then you can go alone or take your sister as well. It is not a good idea to skip prom night just because you don’t have a date. Don’t skip it because you may regret it later.


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