Prom Dress Styles

Prom Style Guide

Wondering what Prom dresses to wear? Will you get the best prom dress advice? You will get to know what kind of dress will suit you according to your style, body type, and fantasies. From long prom dresses to plus size prom dresses to short prom dresses to mermaid prom dresses, there are different dresses to suit varied needs. With our guide, you'll get find precise information on buying the perfect prom dress online. Right from its selection to arrival to the actual Prom night, you need to take the best care of your dress. Following are the points to consider when buying prom dress. You will surely find the dress that will suit your personal style.


Body Type

Women should embrace their body shape and shop according to it. In this way, they will feel more confident and become happier. Prom dresses should also be bought according to body shapes. There are almost six types of body shape; hourglass, rounded, pear, rectangle, triangle and inverted triangle.

Women with hourglass body shape are the luckiest because they can wear any kind of silhouette, sleeves and neckline. If you have a rounded body shape, then we would recommend you to wear dresses that are loose and have great fall. Women who have pear shape body type can wear A-line silhouette and deep V-neck to accentuate their figure.  Ball gowns look amazing with pear shaped and rounded body types. Rectangle shaped women should wear dresses with bust padding or dresses with sheath silhouette. If you have a triangle body type, then you can wear also wear padded dresses with A-line silhouette. Women with inverted triangle body type can also wear almost any kind of prom dresses.

Remember, you can wear any type of prom dress, just make sure it fits you perfectly and would make you comfortable. 


While selecting the prom dress, you should also consider its material as well. Select the one which makes you most comfortable and amazing. Chiffon, organza, Taffeta, lace, velvet and charmeuse are the most popular fabrics that are used to make prom dresses. These fabrics make the dress look high-end and stylish.

Try Before You Buy

You should always try your dress to check if it fits perfectly, looks flattering from every angle and most importantly if you feel comfortable in it or not.