Prom Planning Guide

Prom is all about having fun, but still, it needs a lot of planning. This section of the Prom Guide will introduce you to some of the best tips and tricks that will help you plan your Prom the best way. When it comes to planning, a lot of things need to be considered such as what prom dresses to wear, your hairstyle, makeup, accessories and how to go about managing your prom costs. With The Dress Outlet, you will discover the best prom planning guide. Here it is!


Prom Dresses

You should buy your prom dress at least a month before your prom party. Make a planner and write down all your favorite brands and boutique in the city or visit your favorite website every week to see dresses. Cut each boutique from your planner if you don’t like the style of the dresses. Go to each outlet and try on dresses before you buy them. If you want to select the prom dress according to body shape then here is the guide.


Hair Style

Your hairstyle should be unique and that looks great on your face shape. Save pictures of prom hairstyles or celebrities red carpet hairstyles that you think will suit on you. Save them beforehand and show it to hair stylist and discuss which hairstyle will look great on you.



Makeup is a game changer when it comes to looks, so your makeup should be on point. You can try different makeup looks every day, take pictures and ask your friends and family members which looks the best on you. If you don’t know how to do good makeup then you can also book an appointment with a makeup artist to look fabulous on your big day.


Accessories also play an important part in overall of your looks. Buy earrings, clutch and shoes that match with your prom dress. Also make a planner for accessory and take your prom dress to shops to match with it. Never buy accessories before you buy your dress.


Managing Cost

Estimate the cost of dress and accessories, hair and makeup appointments and don’t spend more than that. You should always set and work within a budget to avoid profligacy. Keep some cash aside to cater for any eleventh-hour expenses that may pop up.




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