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TOP 10 Elegant Cocktail Dresses For Any Party

Tips On Choosing Best Elegant Cocktail Party Dresses

Choosing the right dress for your cocktail party is a task that should not be taken lightly. You need to choose a dress that is suitable for your body shape and skin tone, elegant and classy. There are many factors that contribute to selecting the perfect elegant cocktail dress for any party. And The Dress Outlet has already done all the work for you by producing some of the best elegant cocktail party dresses. Now the question comes to mind. How to choose one? Read more to find out!

What Is Cocktail Dress?

A cocktail dress is a long, flowing gown that can be used for formal occasions or as an alternative to a ball gown. While cocktail dresses often have an open back or a low-cut neckline, they are generally longer than traditional evening dresses and more structured than party dresses. They are often embellished with beads, sequins, and other decorations on the bodice and skirt.

Cocktail party dresses are usually made of lace or satin fabrics that are lightweight and flowy. They may also be made of silk chiffon or polyester fabric. The length of the dress varies from one piece to full-length evening gowns. Some styles feature embellishments such as bows or ruffles at the waistline. Other styles have short jackets that open at the front to reveal a V-neckline. Some cocktail dresses include sleeves that cover only the upper arms, others have cap sleeves that cover the shoulders completely. 

What to look for in a Cocktail Dress?

Cocktail dresses should be sexy but elegant. It's important to find one that looks good on you while being refined enough for formal occasions. If you're looking for something more casual, then choose a long sleeved cocktail and party dress with a simple print or pattern. A fitted bodice is essential for a fitted silhouette that doesn't show off your curves too much and looks slimming. A sweetheart neckline will give you more of an hourglass figure, and make sure your décolletage isn't exposed too much. Look for fabrics that are lightweight and flowy, so they'll hang nicely over your body without making you feel weighed down or constricted by them. Some fabrics are better than others when it comes to this—silk is the most delicate option, but satin tends to make women look fatter than they actually are, which may be why we don't see many women wearing it.

TOP 10 Cocktail Dresses For Any Party

1. Sexy Short Spaghetti Strap Prom Dress

Sexy Short Spaghetti Strap Prom Dress - The Dress Outlet

This lovely and detailed party cocktail dress is suitable for any occasion. It has a sweetheart neckline and a lace-up back. Lacework and flower sequins embellish the bodice, and an A-line skirt features a cluster of roses and floral appliques. This elegant cocktail dress is ideal for any party event.

2. Short Prom Dress Cocktail

Short Prom Dress Cocktail - The Dress Outlet

This gorgeous short dress features spaghetti straps and a V-neckline. A-line short dress with layered tulle skirt and embellished lace bodice. This is perfect for any special occasion.

3. Homecoming Sleeveless Short Prom Dress

Homecoming Sleeveless Short Prom Dress - The Dress Outlet

You’ll want to dance the night away in this glamorous cocktail dress. This elegant dress features a sleeveless, illusion sweetheart neckline with a beaded collar. If you’re looking for that classic dress for your homecoming, cocktail party, or formal event, then look no further!

4. Lace Applique Short Spaghetti Strap Prom Dress

Lace Applique Short Spaghetti Strap Prom Dress - The Dress Outlet

Look stunning in this lovely cocktail dress. This stunning dress has an A-line design with sparkly details. This outfit is ideal for any special event like birthday parties, girls' nights out, or junior prom night.

5. Sparkling Curve Cocktail Dress

Sparkling Curve Cocktail Dress - The Dress Outlet

This elegant dress is embellished with a dozen glittering sequins that shine from every angle. The shoulder strap sleeves are collected and draped, and the thighs are measured by the concentrated ridges which are perfect for girls' nights out, evening parties, and other special occasions.

6. Prom Short Dress Homecoming

Prom Short Dress Homecoming - The Dress Outlet

This exquisite cocktail dress has a sleeveless deep plunging V-neckline. An A-line dress with a lace appliqué bodice. This gown is ideal for any formal occasion.

7. Prom Short Homecoming Beaded Bodice Cocktail Dress

Prom Short Homecoming Beaded Bodice Cocktail Dress - The Dress Outlet Cinderella Divine

This sassy A-line short dress has a v-neckline with spaghetti straps that are held in place with a sheer inset panel. The beaded embellished top and glitter tulle skirt with an open strappy back are ideal for a cocktail party, evening party, or any party.

8. Off Shoulder Short Tulle Prom Dress

You'll definitely look stunning in this little dress. This stunning cocktail dress has an A-line design and lace appliqué details. designed with an off-the-shoulder sweetheart neckline and a natural waist, which is suitable for homecoming, prom, and even wedding guest dresses.

9. Sequins Cocktail Short Homecoming Dress

Sequins Cocktail Short Homecoming Dress - The Dress Outlet

In this dazzling cocktail dress, you'll immediately want to dance the night away! This dress is excellent for that special event, with such a bright hue of sequins and spaghetti straps framing the bodice.

10. One Shoulder Homecoming Short Prom Dress

One Shoulder Homecoming Short Prom Dress - The Dress Outlet

With this gorgeous cocktail dress, you'll surely make the crowd turn their heads just by its color combination of green and yellow. This short dress has a one-shoulder neckline and jewel embellishments on the bodice. If you're seeking the perfect elegant cocktail dress, look no further!

Do's and Don'ts for Women's Cocktail Dress


  • Choose a party elegant cocktail dresses that fit you well and is comfortable. You can wear your best bra and thong underneath, but you should never wear Spanx or any other undergarments that constrict your waist or hips.

  • If you want to look elegant but trendy, then choose a cocktail / party dresses for women with an elegant short skirt or long gowns with various styles like A-line skirts, princess seams, pleats, etc.

  • Choose a color that matches your skin tone. If you have dark skin, opt for dresses in darker colors like black or brown. If you have lighter skin, choose dresses in lighter colors like white, cream, gold, or silver.


  • Avoid dresses with high necklines or low necklines if you have large breasts because they will show through the fabric. Instead, look for dresses with V-necklines or off-the-shoulder necklines that hide your cleavage well enough so that no one will notice it's there!
  • Avoid wearing loose fitting cocktail dresses because they will make you appear fat and uneasy.


All in all, the elegant cocktail dress you choose will largely depend on your figure, style, and taste. Given that cocktail parties are formal events, you need to wear something that enhances your beauty as well as fits the theme of the party. The cocktail party dresses by The Dress Outlet mix the elements of both sophistication and elegance. We have high-quality material that is perfectly tailored to show off your body curves and shapely legs but is still very elegant and feminine. The thin and fitted lines of the dresses not only highlight your elegance but also keep you warm on a cool summer night. They are also affordable. So you don't have to break your bank account to look glamorous at any party or special event. Hence, if you want something that screams elegance and sophistication for your elegant cocktail dresses for any party, then go shopping at The Dress Outlet.


  • Where can I find the perfect cocktail dress for me?
  • The Dress Outlet has been a go-to for fashion lovers and women who are looking for the perfect cocktail dress. We’ve got the best-selling dresses on the market as well as unique designer dresses that really stand out. Shop our collection of cocktail dresses now! We have a variety of styles and colors to choose from so that you can find your perfect dress for any special occasion or event.

  • Does cocktail mean short dress?
  • Yes, it does. In fact, the cocktail dress is one of the most popular types of dresses for women to wear. There are many reasons why you should wear a cocktail dress. The main reason is that it is very versatile and can be worn for various occasions. It can be worn to weddings, parties, or even for daily activities such as going out shopping or grocery shopping with your family. You can also wear a cocktail dress when going to a restaurant in case you don't feel like wearing slacks or jeans but still want to look fashionable and be comfortable at the same time.

  • What are some popular styles of cocktail dresses?
  • There are so many different styles of cocktail dresses to choose from. From classic and elegant to bold and daring, there's something for everyone. If you're looking for a cocktail dress that is both classic and elegant, check out our selection of A-line skirt dresses. These dresses are great for all occasions, and they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. If you're looking for something more fun and flirty, then try one of our short strapless dresses. These dresses will give you the perfect amount of coverage without sacrificing comfort or style. They come in all different colors and prints, so there's sure to be one that fits your personality perfectly! If you're new to shopping for cocktail dresses, The Dress Outlet has you covered. We have a great selection of styles that will help you choose the right dress for your event.