Top 10 Prom Hacks and Tips

The High School Prom can trace its roots all the way back to the 19th Century, when American Universities would hold coed banquets for the graduating class. Since that time millions upon millions of students have participated in the High School Prom as a staple of modern American culture, and also, since that time, young women have been fretting, stressing and worrying about all the tiny things could go wrong during their very special night.

Never fear! You are standing on the shoulders of giants who have braved the treacherous and sometimes nerve-wrecking night that is prom. We’ve compiled a list of 10 Hacks that are sure to get you out of any sticky situation that might ruin your night. Listen and learn. You never know when you might need to use any of these hacks.


#1 The Makeup Removal Hack

Your date is waiting downstairs.  You were suppose to leave 15 minutes ago.  You’re adding a little bit more foundation to your face in a rush.  Your breast line begins to sag.  Without even thinking about, it reach down and tug up on your dress, completely forgetting that you still have foundation on your fingers.  Now the top front of your dress is covered in unsightly foundation marks and you don’t know what to do.  Take some shaving cream in your hand and gently dab it on the stained area.  Then take a clean cloth and gently dab it away.  The stain marks will disappear and you’ll be able to get back to keeping your date waiting.

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#2 The Shiny Leg Hack

How do those movie stars get their legs to look so shiny when they walk down the red carpet?  Well, having annual income of $2 million or more probably helps, but for those of us who want shiny legs on the night of our prom without having to apply for a loan, take some hair shine spray and spray it on your legs.  They’ll stay bright and shiny for the rest of the night, guaranteed.

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#3 The Shoe Hack

So you have your favorite pair of shoes ready to wear for the night.  You know, the ones that your feet constantly slip out of?  Exactly, those ones.  If you find yourself constantly slipping out of your shoes, take some hairspray and spray the bottom of your feet.  Once the hairspray dries, your shoes will stick your feet a lot better and you’ll find that they won’t slip out as often.

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#4 The Zit Attack Hack

All that stress you’ve been building up over making your night perfect in every way, has resulted in a last minute pimple.  Take some ice and hold it over your zit for 1-2 minutes.  Then apply some anti-redness dry eye drops to the zit.  The ice will reduce the swelling and the eye drops will get rid of the redness.  Then you’ll be able to apply some make-up to the zit and cover it up without any problem.

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#5 The Tan Hack

Unless you have the type of skin that tans easily, you’re going to have to pay for a spray tan.  But let’s be honest, a lot of spray tans look weird and leave a very odd odor on your body.  Take some lotion and about two tablespoons of cocoa powder, mix them together and apply it to your skin.  It will give your skin the appearance of having a tan, and will make you smell delicious!


#6 The Strapless Bra Hack

While the strapless bra may seem a marvel of the modern world, most women know its foibles.  At some point, usually as you’re dancing the night away, you begin to notice that your breasts are sagging a little than they’re supposed to.  This is the issue with many strapless bras: they don’t give enough support.  However, if you use the extra strap that is located on most strapless bras and wrap it around the front and underneath your bust, then connect it to the opposing side, you’ll get a little more added support for your bust.

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#7 The Hairline Hack

Some of us aren’t blessed with a thick, bushy hairline.  No worries.  Take some brown eye shadow and put it on your hairline.  It will give your hair the appearance that it’s a lot thicker than what it actually is.

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#8 The Slope Nose Hack

This is a trick the make-up artists use in Hollywood.  You want your nose to look sleek and sloped, but unfortunately you’re biological genetics didn’t exactly gift you with this physical feature.  Take some brown eye shadow and draw a line on the bottom-middle portion of your nose.  Once you blend it will make your nose look a lot more slender and sloped giving you a gorgeous look for all of those prom pictures and selfies.

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#9 The Picture Hack

This isn’t so much of a hack as it is just some good advice.  You’ll likely be taking a lot of pictures during your special night, and not just the one with the photographer.  In today’s culture, with all of our camera phones, everyone will be acting as their own personal photographer.  Before you smile for those selfies with your friends, practice your perfect smile and angle a few days before.  Find the exact position that exhibit your beauty grace and elegance in all the right ways.  That way, one someone yells, “selfie!” you’ll be ready with the perfect smile.

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#10 The Perfume Hack

We’ve created rockets that can go to space, NASA is currently working on a plan to harness the power of a meteorite to go to Mars, medical breakthroughs are a day-to-day occurrence, but somehow the people who make perfume can’t seem to get the smell to last more than a few minutes. Take some vaseline and apply it gently and lightly to the areas that you will be putting your perfume on. Then apply your perfume. The vase line will cause the smell to linger a lot longer and keep you smelling amazing.

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- - -

And that’s it!  10 Prom Hacks to help you through the night.  Of course the most important Prom Hack is to relax and have fun.  Don’t stress too much.  We it’s your perfect night, but it’s always important to leave a little room for adventure and the unexpected.  What you thought was embarrassing or stressful at the time, may one day turn into a hilarious or fond memory that you’ll cherish for years to come.

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