Top 10 Prom Hacks and Tips

Find Your Perfect Prom Dress with these Top 10 Proven Hacks and Tips

Every young girl looks forward to attending her prom. It's a memorable night full of laughter, memories, and, of course, stunning dresses. But finding the ideal prom dress for such a key turning point may be a real challenge. But don't fret! This article will provide you with ten of the best hacks and tips to make your prom dress buying less difficult and more fun.

The Ideal Fit

Know Your Body Type

Knowing your body type is the first step to obtaining the prom dress of your dreams. Don't worry because no matter what your body type is, there is always a dress that will perfectly fit your form. Whether you are a petite, plus-sized, tall, or short girl, The Dress Outlet has a wide selection of stunning dresses that are both fashionable and form-fitting. If you're a voluptuous girl, for example, choose a "plus size prom dress" that cinch in at the waist to emphasize your curves.

Accurate Measurements

Knowing your sizes is essential when purchasing online, especially at The Dress Outlet. When your measurements are accurate, you will be spared the trouble of making returns and guarantee that your garment fits perfectly the first time.

Latest Fashion Trends and Styles

Fashion trends and styles for prom dresses are constantly evolving. When choosing your perfect prom dress, always go for a classic look. Classic looks never seem to go out of style.

A Line Dresses

A line dresses are universally attractive. The dress takes on the shape of an "A" as it gradually widens and narrows towards the waist. If you want to balance your proportions and achieve an hourglass figure, this dress is highly recommended for you.

Mermaid Dresses

If you want to catch attention when you show up at the prom, you'll love mermaid dresses. Fitted from the chest to the knee, they have a mermaid tail-like flair at the bottom that instantly demands attention.

Two-Piece Dresses

In recent years, two-piece dresses have exponentially grown in popularity. They are super fashionable and what's exciting about them is that they provide a special possibility for mixing and matching. The result is a unique outfit that is simply extraordinary. 

The Prom Theme

Choosing your perfect prom dress will be substantially influenced by the prom theme. For example, if the theme is a 1920s Gatsby-inspired prom, a flapper dress is ideal. If it is a masquerade ball, go for a more formal dress. So when selecting your prom dress, make a smart choice by keeping the prom theme in mind.

Dos and Don'ts

Do: Begin Dress Shopping as Early as Possible

Get a head start on prom dress shopping. When you start early, you have plenty of time to experiment with various colors, sizes, and styles. Additionally, it gives time for the shipment and any necessary changes especially if you're shopping online from The Dress Outlet.

Don't: Disregard Comfort

While you would definitely want to look on-point and flawless at your prom, do not sacrifice comfort over appearance. Remember that you'll be dancing and having fun, so pick a dress that you are comfortable with and allows you plenty of movement.

Do: Make Smart Accessory Choices

Your outfit's accessories may make or break your overall look. Select them carefully and make sure they enhance rather than overwhelm your choice of clothes. Be classy, not tacky.

Don't: Ignore the Shoes

Shoes are as equally important as the dress. Wear shoes that complement your dress and at the same time are comfortable to wear. You don't want a bad night due to painful feet so choose your shoes carefully.

Dress Colors and Their Meaning

The color of your prom dress is as equally crucial as its style. Color can definitely affect your overall look so go ahead and choose a color that complements your skin tone and showcases your unique personality and fashion style.

The Classic Black

Elegant and sophisticated, black is a hue that never goes out of style. It's a safe option that is consistently fashionable and flattering. You can never go wrong with a classic black dress so go for it.

Striking Red

Red is the color of confidence and fervor. So go ahead and make a striking statement at your prom by wearing a red dress that is sure to stun and get people's attention.

Soft Pastels

If you prefer a delicate and romantic prom look, then go for soft pastels. Prom dresses with pastel hues like blush pink, baby blue, or lavender are actually very popular choices.

Glowing Metallics

Metallic colors such as gold, silver, or rose gold can make you look glam and stunning. If you want to shine bright like a diamond on your prom night and stand out among the crowd, glowing metallics are perfect for you.

Creating a Custom Dress

Remember that you can always make your outfit more unique by adding your own touches. For example, you can accentuate your neckline by wearing a bold necklace or cinch your waist with a belt. Make your dress uniquely yours by doing modifications, even as minor as altering the skirt to achieve the perfect length.

Appropriate Undergarments are Important

Your undergarments can have a huge impact on how your dress fits and on your overall look. Wear seamless underwear that prevents obvious lines, provides support and enhances your form.

The Perfect Hairstyle

Your hairstyle can ruin or level up your final look. Therefore it is important to choose a style that complements your dress and completes your overall prom look. For example, consider an updo hairstyle if the neckline of your dress is intricate. While loose curls, on the other hand, give a touch of sophistication to a basic outfit.

The Ideal Makeup Look

Instead of competing with your prom dress, your makeup should enhance it. Choose a more natural makeup look if your dress is bold enough to make a statement. Meanwhile, go with a more dramatic makeup look, like bold lipstick or smoky eyes, if you are wearing a simple dress.

Your One-Stop Shop: The Dress Outlet

Prom dresses are available at The Dress Outlet in a huge selection of styles, sizes, and colors for incredibly affordable costs. At The Dress Outlet, you may find anything from a stylish two-piece to an elegant A-line dress so you won’t run out of options. With a user-friendly website and top-notch customer care, The Dress Outlet won’t let you down. Now finding your perfect prom dress is as simple as a few mouse clicks.


Here in The Dress Outlet, we perfectly understand that your dress has a huge impact on making your prom a night to remember. That’s why finding that perfect prom dress for you is our top priority. These 10 valuable hacks and tips will help make your prom dress shopping less stressful and more pleasurable. Keep in mind that the best prom dress for you is the one that makes you feel beautiful and confident, showcases your authentic self, and is comfortable enough to allow you to have fun all night long. Happy shopping!

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