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The Ultimate Guide to Snagging the Best Plus Size Cocktail Dress

Hey fashionistas! If you're on the prowl for the best plus size cocktail dress you can get your hands on you're totally in luck! This ultimate guide to snagging the best plus size cocktail dress will spill the tea on the sickest styles fire fits and lit trends in plus size cocktail dress shopping! Get ready to read all the inside scoop so you can slay your next cocktail party with ease!

Plus Size Cocktail Dress: Rocking Your Curves

We know that all you ever wanted is to find that bomb cocktail dress that fits like a glove and makes you feel absolutely fabulous. Whether you're slaying a fancy shindig or hitting up a chill hangout rocking the perfect dress can boost your confidence and leave a killer impression.

Catching the Perfect Fit: Getting to Know Your Body 

Picking a bomb cocktail dress that totally flatters your figure is the ultimate move to rock that confident vibe and feel like a total queen. Try out various cuts and styles such as fit-and-flare dresses that can totally highlight your waist and sleek sheath dresses that can totally elongate your figure.

The Hottest Trends in Plus Size Cocktail Dresses

Keeping up with the latest trends is crucial to snagging the best plus size formal dresses that are super stylish and totally on point. The hottest trends this season are all about rocking those bold patterns slaying those dramatic sleeves and flexing those textures like sequins and velvet.

Your Ultimate Fashion Hub for Plus Size Cocktail Dresses: The Dress Outlet

The Dress Outlet is the ultimate fashion hub for all your plus size cocktail dress needs. With an incredible selection of styles lengths and colors you're bound to find plus size cocktail dresses that not only flatter your body but also match your one of a kind sense of style. There’s no doubt about it.

All the Latest Styles and Sizes for Every Queen

The Dress Outlet has got you covered with all the sizes so every woman can slay in her perfect cocktail dress no matter her size. Whether you're on the hunt for a cute and sassy outfit or a classy and elegant gown The Dress Outlet has something in store for you. You will never run out of pretty interesting options!

Pro Tips for Slaying Your Plus Size Cocktail Dress

Finding the perfect plus size cocktail dress is just the start of your journey to amp up your fashion game and make sure you look flawless at your next event. Here are some pro tips to make sure your fashion game is totally on point!

Picking the Perfect Accessories

Accessories can effortlessly upgrade your cocktail dress and take it to a whole new level. For example statement jewelry like chunky necklaces and bold earrings can give your outfit an incredible pop of color and sparkle.

The Ultimate Shoe Game

Rocking the perfect pair of shoes can totally level up your overall look. The ultimate shoe game considers the style and length of your dress plus the event you're hitting up. If you're going to bust a move and do a lot of dancing comfort should be at the top of your list.

Getting to Know Your Fabrics

When shopping for the best plus size cocktail dresses you've got to think about the fabric. The choice of materials can totally influence the style and aesthetics of a dress. For example satin and velvet fabrics are straight up bougie and can totally bring that classy and sophisticated look. On the other hand chiffon is all about that soft and romantic feel that gives off major dreamy vibes. At The Dress Outlet we've got you covered with a dope range of plus size special occasion dresses crafted from top notch fabrics that cater to all kinds of styles!

The Color Game: Slaying Your Style

Picking the perfect color for your cocktail dress can absolutely do wonders to level up your entire look. Rocking colors like black or navy totally give off that timeless elegance while bold shades like red or emerald green can certainly make you stand out from the crowd. The Dress Outlet has got you covered with an epic selection of plus size cocktail dresses in a range of colors. You can easily find the perfect shade that's going to complement your skin tone and perfectly match your killer style. No doubt you'll be turning heads!

Nailing Your Aesthetic with the Perfect Hair and Makeup

Turn your plus size cocktail dress into perfection with the ideal hair and makeup. To nail your aesthetics rock a sleek updo and a fierce lip color if you’re attending a bougie cocktail event. On the other hand if the event is super chill rock some effortless waves and fresh faced makeup. 

Keep Your Cocktail Dress On Fleek: Dress Care Instructions

Taking good care of your cocktail dress is key to keeping it on fleek for years. Make sure you read the care instructions on the label so you’ll have a clear idea. Like most cocktail dresses dry cleaning is the top recommendation. But there are a few instances where gentle handwashing is needed. In order to make sure your dress is properly kept stash it in a clean garment bag to shield it from dust and keep it looking brand new.

Tailoring: The Ultimate Flex

Sometimes even after scoring a dress that's almost your size you still need a few tweaks to make it totally on point. Don't sleep on this. Seek the help of an expert seamstress who can make the necessary alterations like adjusting the length and cinching or loosening up some spots to make sure your dress fits you like a glove. Listen up! The key to slaying at your event is rocking a dress that makes you feel absolutely comfy because the more chill you are the more confidence you'll radiate!