Showcasing Your Individuality with High-Low Prom Dresses

In a period when personal expression has never been more important, choosing what to wear is beyond simply looking good. You can show other people your personality through the dress that you put on, that is why attending a prom needs careful consideration. Look at high low dresses if you want to look elegant but also show your fun side. They have a unique style that is becoming more and more popular these days.

High Low Prom Dress Defined

Unlike the regular style, the high low dress has an asymmetrical hemline, since it is a combination of a long gown and a short dress. If you love both modern and classic dresses, then you will fall in love with the high low style. 

A Closer Look at High Low Style

The high low design is a product of the constant evolution in the fashion world.  This cut has been around for a long time, although at first glance one might think it is a contemporary design. It was during the Victorian era when women started to wear skirts that trails elegantly at the back and has a short front hemline, allowing them to showcase their shoes. Today, you can see that there is an emergence of varied looks for the high low dresses because of the added modern takes incorporated in the design.

High low Prom Dresses are popular because they incorporate the best elements of a long gown and a short skirt. The combination of two different lengths results into an eye-catching fashion that will surely capture the attention of those around you. The High-Low style can be worn with different types of bodies and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 

Showing Your Personality with A High Low Dress

There are several ways you can make a high low dress your own to highlight your personal style. Here are some of the ways you can customize your prom dress:

Choosing the Right Fabric

The kind of textile you choose has a huge impact on the tone of your dress. Since each material possesses its own characteristics, you can make use of these features to your advantage. 

Depending on the look you want to project, you can either opt for dresses made from shiny materials like silk or you can go for lace type of fabric. Using silk or metallic fabric can add a modern and edgy feel to your dress, while lace fabric gives you a sweet and dreamy look. If you want to do your part to help the environment, fabrics made from sustainable materials may be a good option. Furthermore, the style you choose might have a significant impact on the overall look of your ensemble.

Beyond your choice of fabric, the style you go with can also have a big effect on how your outfit looks. Add a touch of femininity by incorporating flowing features on the skirt, or be daring by choosing a strapless top in bright colors or with bold patterns. 

Elevating Your Presence with Accessories

Transforming your dress from pretty to stunning is possible by incorporating accessories. Here are some accessories you can wear during your prom.

Jewelry That Makes a Statement

If you think you dress lacks sparkle, wear a striking necklace, dramatic earrings or  shiny stack of bands. Metals like gold and silver are common materials for an accessory but you can also check out tri colored accessory. 


Strappy heels can make an ensemble more sophisticated, while elegant shoes may make a look feel more casual. Think about the length, color, and style of your dress and pick shoes that go well with it and make it look better. Remember to carefully pick your shoes because this can make or break you look. 

Evening Bag or Clutch

Not only is a clutch or evening bag useful, but it additionally serves as a fashion statement. Find one that works with your dress or stands out from it. It should be small enough to look classy but has enough space to hold things you might night for the night. 

Belt tor Sash

Using a belt or band can do wonders for bringing attention to your waist and making you feel more put together in general. Try out different colors and textures until you find the mix that looks and feels best with your dress.

Shopping on a budget for the right high-low dress

Making a plan from the dress down to your shoes will give you an idea of how much you should expect to spend for your prom look. This plan will serve as your guide to avoid going over your allocated budget. Another way to get a good bargain is by looking for store sales and deals.

Consider Renting

Dress renting services can be a great way to look expensive without spending a lot of money. You can get designer dresses without breaking the bank. 

Look into used options

Don't be too quick to dismiss secondhand shops or online platforms. You can find used high-low dresses that look and feel as good as new but don't cost as much.

Changes you can make yourself

If you know how to use a needle and thread, you can make small changes to an inexpensive dress to make it fit like a dream. 

Plus-Size High-Low Dresses to Celebrate Your Body

Every body is beautiful, and your high low prom dress should make you feel that way. Here's how to rock your look and accept your curves:

Look for Brands That Include You

You should have a choice! Now, many makers and stores sell high low dresses in different sizes so that everyone can find the right fit.

Flattering Shapes

Find a shape that makes you feel like a million bucks. Choose something that makes you feel beautiful, whether it hugs your curves or flows beautifully.

Fabrics that feel good

Since comfort is a must, you have to carefully choose the materials for your dress. Choose a dress made from elastic fabric that will allow you to move freely. You should also pick shoes that are comfortable to wear whether you are sitting, walking or even dancing all night. 

Dos and Don'ts When Choosing a High Low Dress


Try on different dresses until you find the one that fits best.

Choose dance shoes that look good and are easy to move around in.

Whether your style is bold and bright or soft and elegant, be proud of it.


Don’t go overboard with accessories because it can take away the spotlight from your dress. 

Don't forget to wear a dress and shoes that it comfortable so you won’t have problems even if you spend the entire night dancing. 

Don’t forget to be true to yourself and show your style with the use of your high low dress.

High-Low Prom Dresses Can Be Found at The Dress Outlet

You don’t have to look far in order to find a great high low dress because you can find these in all style and sizes at The Dress Outlet. Their dress collection come in variety of colors and you can even find plus sizes. 

The high-low prom dress has been around since the Victorian era and is still a popular choice for prom-goers. By combing the best features of two dress designs, you can show people your trendy as well as sophisticated side with a high low dress. By adding a simple accessory and considering the fabric of the dress you can add more character to what you are wearing ensuring that people sees you personal style. You can find a high-low dress that fits your style and your price at The Dress Outlet.

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