Homecoming 2017 Trends


Homecoming 2017 Trends


With the new school year just around the corner, Homecoming will be here before we know it! It’s a good idea to start shopping around during the summer in order to find the perfect dress. So far, 2017 has been a great year in fashion and these four homecoming trends surely reflect that.

  1. Prints

Prints are making a huge comeback this year! Florals prints are flooding the racks in just about every store. Even if loud prints aren’t your thing, a bit of floral embroidery goes a long way (also, it’s super popular at the moment!).    

Prints 1Prints 2Prints 3


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2. Two Piece Dresses

Ever since celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande made appearances wearing two piece dresses, they have been everywhere. These sets are super unique and undeniably fashionable. Be the envy of everyone at the dance in one of these red carpet ready dresses.   


Two Piece Dress 1Two Piece Dress 2Two Piece Dress 3

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3. Metallic

 From beautiful golds to dazzling silvers, metallics are timeless and never disappoint. A metallic dress is perfect because it stands out enough without having to search for jewelry to match. In addition, shoes are simple because a simple black or nude matches anything metallic!   


Metallic 1Metallic 2Metallic 3

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Cut Outs


 Finally, a cut out is a great way to add detail to an otherwise simple dress. Cut outs are a way to add a bit of detail to an otherwise simple dress without going over the top or showing too much skin. If you want to wear an open back dress but your school has a rule against that, opt for a dress with a small cut out on the back instead! You will be able to work around your school dress code and still get that cute open back look.   

Cut Outs 1Cut Outs 2Cut Outs 3



Now that you are caught up with the latest trends, it’s time to start looking for that perfect dress for the big day. Be sure to keep school dress codes in mind while choosing, but most importantly pick something you love. Be sure to follow @thedressoutlet on Instagram and keep up with our social medias for homecoming dress inspiration.

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