Look Like a Pop Icon: A Taylor Swift Style Guide for Prom

Everyone knows Taylor Swift not only because of her popular songs at the top of the charts but also because of her iconic style. Women of all ages and even men are always looking forward to seeing her signature look, which is a combination of timeless beauty with a modern twist. Because she has captured the hearts of many young girls, a lot of them are inspired to incorporate her look with prom dresses. But how can you look and feel like Taylor Swift?

To help you achieve your Taylor Swift inspired look, The Dress Outlet has everything you need to make you the star of your prom. They have dresses in all styles that also come in plus size, perfect for curvier girls. 

A look at Taylor's most famous dresses

Almost all the time, celebrities like Taylor Swift wear costly designer dresses that seem to be beyond reach for ordinary individuals. But you don't need a star budget to duplicate her signature style for prom. Let's look at ways to use Taylor's unique style to make a prom look that everyone will never forget.

Fit and Flare: One of Swift's Marks

One of the celebrities favorite style is one that cinches at the hip area, then flows flawlessly toward the bottom. This dress design is one that would surely suit you because this flatters all body types. At The Dress Outlet you can find various fit and flare dresses in varying colors. 

Traditional but with a Modern Twist

If your goal for your prom look is to showcase a unique style that highlights your taste, you can combine vintage with new trends just like Taylor. She makes this stunning ensemble by going for materials like lace or fabrics with flower and classical shapes, then incorporating bold colors or prints. 

Choose colors and patterns that stand out

Another way to bring out the Taylor Swift in you is by opting for striking colors and patterns. Some of her dresses are those in bright red colors or with flower designs. Finding these kinds of dresses is easy if you check out The Dress Outlet which has wide range of collection from classic to bold dresses.

Know How to Dress for Prom

Although your goal to imitate the look of Taylor Swift, you should still take time to ask yourself what is your style. Your dress should still reflect your preference because the prom is all about being confident in your own skin. You don’t have to go far to find a dress that would reflect your personality because with The Dress Outlet you’re sure to find one that suits you. 

How to Find the Right Size

To ensure that the dress is comfortable and would look flattering on you, it has to be the right size. Aside from getting the accurate measurement of certain body areas, you also have to make sure that you check the size guide, since this can vary from one store to another. 

Essential Prom Dos and Don’ts

Do wear a dress of your choice: When people see you wearing your prom dress, they should see your personality and style. 

Don't compromise your comfort: Your dress must be comfortable, so you can move freely, especially because you will spend most of your time dancing. 

Do follow the dress code: Ensuring that you follow the dress code will prevent unnecessary stress on your part as well as the organizers.

Don’t forget to wear appropriate makeup: You can wear dark or light makeup depending on the look you want to achieve.  

Hair Inspiration: Taylor Swift's Signature Looks

Aside from Taylor’s fashion style, you can also imitate her hairstyle, which she wears in various ways. Here's how to get some of the magic of her hair:

Sleek and straight: If prefer to go for a clean and well put together look, consider straightening your hair using an iron. Don’t forget to use products to help protect your hair and maintain its sleekness.

Curly Waves: A sensual and softer look is attainable with loose curly hair on your prom night. Using a curling iron, carefully twist your wet hair either loosely to tightly depending on the type of curl you want until it dries. 

Classic Updo: You can never go wrong with a classic updo especially for a formal event like the prom. This type of hair could draw attention to your shoulder, thus wearing a gorgeous necklace is a must. 

The Last Touch: Handbags and Clutches

 Just like Taylor, you can also use a bag to add character to what you are wearing. This will not only complement your dress but allows you to carry emergency essentials like a small makeup kit. Make sure that your purse matches your dress and other accessories.

Swift's Confidence in Dancing Like No One's Watching

Dressing like Taylor is just the first step because you also need to have her confidence. During your prom, forget about everything and just enjoy the night. Feel beautiful in what you are wearing and be proud in how you look. 

Your prom is a once in a lifetime event, that is why you need to put an effort not only to look stunning but also to project your personal style. You can imitate any celebrity you want but don’t forget also show your style through your dress, makeup, hairstyle and accessories. 

Look and feel like a true celebrity with the help of The Dress Outlet. The store has wide collection of dresses and other items that would help you look like any other star you want. 

You can opt for a dress with a modern twist or one with a classical style. 

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