Blue Wedding Dress

The idea of a "blue wedding dress" is a bit more complicated than you might think. The combination of blue and white is a timeless pairing in fashion and home decor, but it's difficult to pin down which color is the dominant one when they're combined. It also depends on how specific you want to get; there are cerulean blues, cobalt blues, navy blues, royal blues, and even teal blue wedding dresses. And it can seem like such an easy question until you start looking into it—you might be surprised by just how many shades of blue there really are.

Hundreds of thousands of brides have found their dream dress here at The Dress Outlet, so we've become experts in this one little niche. We know that when it comes to blue wedding dresses, there are plenty of options to choose from, but finding them all at once can be overwhelming for anyone. We've made the process as painless as possible for you by putting together a collection of our favorite styles from the best brands in the industry. Browse through our selection of blue wedding dresses to find something that fits your style perfectly. 

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→ What are the most beautiful Blue Wedding Dresses near me?

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The most beautiful Blue Wedding Dresses are:

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