Accessories and Prom Night

Accessories are as important as your prom dress. If you have not yet bought your prom dress, then now is the time to buy it. When completing your look for prom, keep in mind that accessories can either make or break your look, so shop with care. If you already have a great collection of accessories, then you don’t need to buy them as well. Take out all of your jewelry, shoes, and bags and see which ones you can use. Always match your accessories with your dress. The Dress Outlet can help you choose the right accessories for your prom night.

If your prom is drawing ever closer and you want to look your best, then start by reviewing all the items that you already own to see which ones match your dress best and can work with the rest of your look. Can you get by with just buying a new pair of high heels? What about earrings to match that gorgeous necklace? Whether selecting new or used accessories, always keep in mind that these items should complement any special dresses or outfits that you might be wearing for your prom. You’ll have so much fun on prom night getting all dressed up—enjoy every minute!

Match your jewelry to your outfit

Confused about which type of jewelry you can wear? We are here to help you. If you’re wearing a subtle dress in plain fabric, go loud and sparkly with the accessories and jewelry. But if your dress is heavily embellished and sparkly, you can pick out plain jewelry. If you wear sparkly and heavy jewelry with a loud dress, then you will end up looking like a disco ball. If your prom dress has long sleeves and heavy embellishments in the neck area, then don’t wear a necklace or a bracelet. If you think your dress is too simple, you can use waist belts as well.


While you are selecting your shoes, look for your comfort first. Many people will suggest you always wear heels, but you can also wear flats if you are wearing a floor-length dress. If you are wearing a short dress, then heels are the best option. Always match your shoes with the color of your dress. Silver and golden heels look great with every outfit. You can easily match any jewelry with them.


Bags are optional but quite helpful because you never know which item you need, so we will suggest you take them. Don’t carry heavy and big-sized bags; instead carry small bags like wristlets, clutches, and small shoulder bags as they are easy to carry and look good as well. If you are looking for an elegant look, the color of the bag should either match the color of your dress or your shoes. If you want to make a statement, then you can carry bags made of rhinestones and pearls, depending upon the type of embellishment on dresses.

 Short Prom Dress - The Dress Outlet

Party Face Masks

When life gives you the catastrophe flu, make sure it’s worth it. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve created face masks to cover every kind of occasion. No matter how much fun you want to have or how dirty you want to get, we’ve got you protected. Because whether it’s a hot date, a bachelorette party, or just time to party, there’s nothing better than being equipped with the right accessory.

Whether you like to call them party masks, fancy masks, or even prom masks, you won’t want to miss this huge selection of party face masks. Use these accessories to celebrate while staying protected. At The Dress Outlet, we have hundreds of different styles, colors, and designs. So choose your mask today and be the life of the party!

One thing that we’ve learned about accessories for prom is that you are limited only by your imagination. Whereas, accessories can help you achieve elegant and sophisticated looks. It can always add different elements to an ensemble. Your accessories can even make up for a lack of prom dresses. No matter what look you want, there is an accessory out there to help you achieve it. Whether you choose to go minimalistic or you want to play with colors, patterns, and textures, the choice will be entirely yours.

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