Collection: PARTY DRESSES 

    Whether you’re getting dressed to attend a birthday party, wedding, or even a work party, you need to have some party dresses that are perfect for every event and make you the beauty of the occasion. Here are some of such dresses.

    Lace strapless gown with slit 
    This gown would be perfect for weddings and other occasions. Let the slit go as high as you’re comfortable with. The lace should be an embellished one that’ll make the upper part of your gown look beautiful. And, of course, flatter your hands and back with the strapless gown.

    Satin Dress with Cowl neckline 
    A sleek satin dress in black or royal blue would look beautiful, and hug your figure beautifully, while the cowl neck is beautiful, and can fit perfectly into work parties or even school events.

    A Little Black Dress 
    You must have heard of the term LBD, which stands for little black dress; something that every woman needs to have. Of course, your LBD doesn’t have to be plain; not at all. It can be covered by trimmings, glitters, or lace. 
    You can even get a two-piece Short Dress with a Lace-Up Back and a shimmering or fringe bottom.

    Two-piece dress
    A two-piece dress with jewel-encrusted shoulder details is a good idea for you, and of course, you can explore several colors, including red, yellow, or blue. You can also throw in a slit or explore a unique neckline such as a halter neck or a sweetheart neck.